Frequently Asked Questions

Just decide which package you want. Once you’ve purchased your package, you will receive a simple guide that will ask you for some basic information. As soon as we receive that, we’ll have your site ready for you within a week. If you find you need more help figuring out what to put on your site, we’ll help with that too.

How quickly can you get the website up?

We’re fast. Once we have all of your materials, your website will be within a couple of weeks.

What other costs are associated?

You’ll have to pay about $12 for your website address/URL. And hosting is about $7/month. You’ll always have to pay an annual fee to register your address and a monthly fee for hosting. I’ll walk you through how to do all of that.

If you want to use stock photography, you’ll pay about $10/image.

Can I pay in installments?

We can break site packages into 2 payments. The first payment is required to get on our calendar. The second will be due 3 weeks later.

What web hosting service should I use?

Most web hosting services would be just fine. However, you should make sure that they support WordPress. One of our favorites is bluehost.

Can I have an opt-in? 

(This is the subscribe button you see on websites allowing people to subscribe to your newsletter.)

Yes. We can publish your opt-in form for you.

Newsletter set up and integration
(includes Aweber newsletter template + opt in form + freebie uploaded) ($150)

Or we can create a customized one and set up your newsletter so that it matches your new site. This includes Aweber or Mailchimp newsletter template + opt in form + freebie uploaded. $150 extra.

I don’t have a clue……

No worries. We’ve made this as simple as it can possibly be. We’ll walk you through exactly what you need to do. Contact me with any other questions you have.

I have another software product I want to use. Can I do that?

(Some people use programs like Optimize Press or Premise.)

We won’t work with those programs directly. But if you want to design a site to go with them we can do that. They often work by themselves but their features look kind of generic. Or you can use them with a pretty site and still get their features. We handle the pretty site part.

What theme are you using?

Our sites are WordPress sites using the Canvas theme. It’s an incredibly versatile and user friendly theme. You will never have to change themes no matter how big you grow.

Can I make changes myself?

Yep. We can show you how. We can also make changes and do maintenance for you after your site is up.

What about plug ins?

(Plug ins are things we can add to your site to make it do special things. For example, the Facebook like button is a plug in.)

Your site will come with several plug ins. You can add anything you want to. It’s very simple.

Will you add a shopping cart?

We’ll make you 3 PayPal buttons that match your site. We don’t do any shopping cart integration, however. You probably don’t even need it.

Can I work with Websmacked in the future to make changes?

For sure. We’re happy to help.