Websmacked Website

Are you ready to start making a living at this coaching gig?

Your website is your first crucial step.

Websmacked gets you started with your first website easily and helps you fill it with content to bring in the clients.

You’ll work directly with me, Sarah Yost, a master level trained life coach. I’ve worked with loads of coaches to help them start and grow their practice. You’ll get my mad technological skills, my experienced and skillful coaching and 17 years experience in business to help you grow your business.

Your website will help you find your first clients. If you can find 3 paying clients, you can find 10.

I’ll be there while you get started.

My unique website process is like having a life coach for your website and business.

You’ll get coaching, business direction, a plan for client creation PLUS a hassle-free website you love for less than the cost of your training.

A Websmacked website is a quality website at a fraction of the cost in a fraction of the time.


Exactly what you get…

  • An easy to use WordPress website
  • Customized design
  • A deep delving coaching session where we’ll go through all of your business goals to create a plan to use your website to execute your goals. Even if you have several ideas, this process will help you get clear and confident about what you’re choosing.
  • Newsletter opt-in
  • PayPal buttons
  • Blog
  • 5-7 pages of content
  • At the end, you’ll get clear directions about how to use your site
  • 2 weeks of unlimited questions and small tweaks after your site is live


How this will help you…

  • No more hassling with technology
  • A website that feels like you–not someone else’s idea about what it should be
  • Clarity and business direction
  • Easily reach out to potential clients


How it works…

  1. Click Buy Now below. Payments are available if you need them.
  2. Schedule your deep delving coaching session.
  3. Bring examples of sites you love and sites you don’t to our session. That’s all you need to prepare ahead of time.
  4. I’ll walk you through any technological bits you need to take care of like signing up for your newsletter service and getting hosting for your site.
  5. Then I’ll give you a to-do list based on our session.
  6. As soon as you have all of your materials (log in info, pics, text for your pages, etc.), we’ll get started. It takes about 2 weeks for us to create your complete site once we have all of your materials.
  7. When it’s ready we’ll make it love and walk you through how to use it.
  8. Get familiar with it and ask unlimited questions for 2 weeks after it’s live.


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——Only 3 available until November.——

 Questions? Click here to schedule a free consultation.