Work With Me


Hey smart coaches!

How many times have you thought I JUST want to coach?!?

But figuring out all of the pieces: picking your niche, website and email, marketing –all of that is such a steep learning curve.

I can help you move forward.

Isn’t it time to be a real, paid coach with a business that feels like home?

  • We can work together to develop a hassle-free website.
  • We can create your unique business plan so you can work with the clients you want to work with. You’ll do it using your favorite activities. Hate small talk and networking? Don’t do it. Love to write? Do that.
  • We can remove any hidden beliefs and unconscious fears getting in the way of you executing on this plan.
  • And you can take real action every week.


In order to be a successful, paid coach you need…

…a clean, beautiful website that’s easy for you to update and use.
…clarity about what you really want to create with your coaching.
…to be a great coach who makes a real difference in people’s lives.
…to show up and offer your coaching to the people you want to serve even when you’re tired, distracted or questioning your path.

That last piece is key. You can have the best, dreamiest dream board ever, a great website and you can work on your mindset all day long. It’s all important.

I do love to explore and think and look at mindset stuff.

Love it. I have a great time and go very deep with my clients. They create real, significant transformations in their perception and outlook. That work is absolutely necessary. All of my coaching includes it.


But it’s not enough.

Unless you consistently take action and offer your services, you won’t get very far. 

This is where I come in. I am known for making action fun.

You’ll work directly with me, Sarah Yost, a master level trained life coach. I’ve worked with loads of coaches to help them start and grow their practice. You’ll get my mad technological skills, my experienced and skillful coaching and 17 years experience in business to help you get your first 3 clients.

We can work together 3 ways.

***Enroll by September 18 and I’ll hand you your first paying client. Just like that.***


1. Websmacked website

Websmacked gets you started with your first website easily and helps you fill it with content to bring in the clients.

You’ll get coaching & business direction PLUS a hassle-free website you love for less than the cost of your training. The complete WordPress site is everything you need to get started: newsletter opt-in, blog, 5-7 pages of content, banner and custom color/font combinations.

A Websmacked website is a quality website at a fraction of the cost in a fraction of the time.

——Only 3 sites available until November!——


2. Your First 3 Clients 3 month coaching intensive

Become a paid  coach with a website that represents who you are and a plan that works for you and your life.

We work together and develop a hassle-free website, we create your unique business plan to attract your preferred clients and we remove any limiting behaviors that are getting in the way of you executing on this plan…all without stress.

If you can find 3 paying clients, you can find 10.

I’ll be with you every step of the way.

——Only 10 7 spots available in 2014!——


3. Your First Awesome Year

Do this work for a year to create an unshakeable foundation for your career.

We’ll work together for a full year to create your website, your first clients and then we’ll take it 100 times deeper to create that much more impact and income.

——Only 3 2 spots available in 2014!——

About Sarah

IMG_7258cI’m a master level trained certified life coach. I’ve been in business for myself since 1997 and I’ve worked with loads of coaches to help them grow their businesses in ways that they love. I believe in coaching so much that I’ve created several resources to help coaches get started. My mission is to take coaching to the streets. Instead of mucking through everything and figuring it out, I want you to get out there and serve people. We have something really special and unique to offer. It’s time to get out there.